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Fearless Experimentation

Welcome to my blog! I hope we can journey together as I explore the limitless nature of art. I began creating when my dad came home from a medical conference and gave me a notebook from the university at which it was held. To him, it was probably just a simple gift, cheap, because I have 3 brothers and sisters, but to me, it was a new world. I began to draw. Drawing became my constant companion through a rather tough childhood; I’d hide behind the couch for hours and draw, propping my feet on the wall. Over time, those footprints became permanent. My obsession was horses and my idol was Sam Savitt who had illustrated some of the books I loved most. That was 40 years ago. Throughout my life, I maintained a sketchbook to calm me down when life felt out of control. When I went to college, my father said I’d never make a living at art, a declaration that devastated me. So I majored in history with the idea of becoming a teacher. On the side, it took as many art classes as I could and learned human anatomy, painting techniques, but mostly drawing techniques as that was my concentration. I married young, and my husband is still to this day my biggest fan. I found people wanted murals the most at that time, so I became a muralist, teaching myself how to paint using my drawing techniques as watercolor was the only painting class I took. Then it was break time to have my two amazing daughters. My ever supportive husband eventually built me a studio to continue to create after a rather unfortunate client who made me never want to paint a mural again!

I was fortunate enough to live near Kirkland Art Center where I could study painting and encaustics once my kids were in school. I’ve been working ever since, mainly working by commission because dogs are a particular passion of mine. Now that my girls have grown, I’m moving into what I was made to do, and it’s been wonderful to have the ability to do it. And my dad? He’s now a big fan, too. I had to prove him wrong, and I did that and more.

I now spend time trying new things amidst the commissions I have, and today was an experiment with texture using encaustic medium and textured paper on a board. I learned a lot, and can’t wait to get more materials (living in Maui is a dream, however, we don’t have any decent art shops beyond Ben Franklin, so I order online). Join me on my journey to gain confidence and create wonderful things! Thanks for reading.

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